heavy lavender


handmade and dried with ethically sourced ingredients in compostable packaging. available in small quantities by special order to stockists and private clients. currently, a portion of each sale will go to benefit YEPP. available in cone form and sculptural shapes. please email us for more information or if you are interested in collaborating.  <3


incense making workshops are available upon request.  recent workshops include a collaboration with Marcela Torres at Recess, NY titled the smoky bouquets of flower mountain.  more information, here

Land Acknowledgement: 

The server for this website is located in Mountain View, CA

on the land of the Ohlone and Tamyen People.  It is important to acknowledge that digital space takes up physical space, and in creating this website, I am complicit in forms of environmental racism and colonization.  To find out more about the indigenous lands that you may be occupying, physically and digitally, visit Native-Land.ca. Please consider making a donation directly to the people who have been and continue to be impacted by white-supremacist colonial violence.


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