heavy lavender


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nosegay playfully acknowledges the queer history and ever-evolving cultural attachments to lavender. The cones contain gentle floral notes of lavender, juniper, amber, and toh makko with a calendula accent. the namesake nosegay alludes to fragrant posies and can be used as a calming or masking scent. 

flower mountain                      


flower mountain is a collaboration with artist Marcela Torres, who selected the scent notes based on their research on Mesoamerican Indigenous rituals. flower mountain contains deep notes of yerba santa, ceylon cinnamon, copal, and toh makko with a wood charcoal accent. the namesake flower mountain alludes to the Indigenous afterworld and can be used for grounding or cleansing.


$10 per box of 3

$2 of each sale donated to YEPP


available in cone form and sculptural shapes upon request. the cure time for orders is two weeks. please email us for more information or if you are interested in collaborating. <3