heavy lavender


current offering—


custom blends are available to grieve the loss of non-human animals who have touched your life.


there are many rituals for the loss of human life, and I have also sought out resources to quietly mourn the lives of non-human animals who I love. recently friends who have lost non-human animal companions have reached out for incense for their private grieving rituals and I have decided to make this a public offering.


these custom blends are mixed intuitively and delivered as a powder. they are designed to be mixed with water and the hair, ashes, or bones of a non-human animal who has passed. the mixture can be formed by hand into cones in a private ritual and then burned after two weeks of curing in the sun.  please be in touch if you have lost a non-human animal and would like to grieve their passing through a tactile ritual of formation and releasing through scented smoke.

commissions are by donation or trade and no one will be turned away for lack of funds.  email me at heavylavender@gmail.com

to begin a discussion of your needs.